Monday, November 16, 2009

Get Set

I thought I'd share the little clutch I made one afternoon to hold our envelopes for our cash only system. Not my best sewing job, but it serves the purpose and it's made out of my favorite Amy Butler (fabric) line.

So at the beginning of the month we set the budget, stuffed the envelopes, and we're set. We fully expect for this first month to be a trial budget-do any of us have a perfect month? I expect that we'll tweak it for a couple more months. What I'm loving is it's a)an old fashioned tried and true method, and b)when the money's gone, its gone, so spend wisely.

We're also working on the baby emergency fund (not the fully funded one of 3-6 months of income). That goal is $1000. I've been listing on Craigslist and just pulled in $70 by going through the garage and getting arid of (sigh) baby items. Some of the baby stuff is hard to sell since that really marks the end of Philly babies. I've still got a few things to sell on CL, so it should get us there combined with some savings by our goal of 12/31 or sooner.

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  1. Another thought for those baby items if they don't sell on Craig's list is to consign them at "Once Upon A Child". They seem to give a better return for your goods than "Other Mothers." They're a little picky, but your kiddos always look adorably dressed, so I bed they'd take a lot of your things. Also, I always browse their racks while I'm in there and buy anything I absolutely love even if I have to store it awhile before it will fit my kids. If you buy items for the present, make sure you consider the fact that used clothing has probably shrunk a bit. Other Mothers tends to have lower prices than Once Upon a Child, but sometimes the selection/condition of clothes isn't as good. Also, Other Mothers has a .25 sale at the end of each month that is pretty awesome as long as you're able to go with some time to dig through huge disorganized piles of clothing.