Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monthly Grocery Totals

So, for November I budgeted $790 for food, which included eating out. Now, this is a pretty high number for us (feeding all 7), and we eat out a maximum of about 3 times a month. I hadn't used an all-cash system to pay for groceries before, and if I didn't have enough money I didn't want any one eating Otter Pops and broccoli for dinner those last couple of days!

My thinking was, I'll get out $500 and see if I can do it just on that alone. I can honestly say not only did I do it, I even came in under that! Mike and I were shocked! I've been treating my 2nd job (or is that 3rd or 4th?) as a coupon queen. I literally spent a few hours figuring out the best combinations to use. Before we started this I seriously considered getting a job in the evenings, which I've done before, but as I looked there wasn't a lot out there that fit the criteria I needed. If we were in dire straits, I would certainly get creative and make something work, but that's not where we're at.

Ok, so the grand total for groceries alone IS: $418!!! So, so happy with that number, but I'm aiming for one month in 2010 to be at $200. I think it may be possible, seeing what I've done with this month which included a birthday for one of my kids.

I added up my receipt savings and the grand totals are:

Store savings: $133.50 Manufacturer Coupons Used: $45

My best receipt this month (above) was $1.91 for two pies, two Breyers Ice Creams, and four jars of spaghetti sauce.

I'm going to keep a running total of my grocery savings for 2010. Forget New Year's Resolutions! I started changing on 10/31!


  1. Well done!!! I'm not doing quite as well, but close. Our average food bill has hovered around $600/mo. this year. That's not too bad considering 3 of the boys easily out eat me. LOL

    It's so nice to come in under the budget amount. :)

  2. I think that's a great amount! We still have three that don't eat a lot, but in a few years we'll have three teenage boys-oh, wait. Brenda, you'll have SIX teenage boys to feed at some point! Aren't you glad you're good at making it stretch now? You'll be even better then!

  3. Nice job friend! Oh my goodness! CB

  4. That's a very impressive receipt indeed! I think you've qualified yourself as a "Coupon Queen"... I have enjoyed reading your blog... You're transparent, and I like that! I have complete confidence you'll be debt free by your estimated date (and probably before then :) -Wendi