Saturday, November 14, 2009

Runners To Their Marks

So here we are in Nov. 2009 and just a few short days before the start of the month I had decided I'd HAD IT! On 10/31 I cut up the credit cards in my wallet and secretly wanted to freak out on a grand scale while at the same time feeling a complete sense of relief.

I had decided that I was done using credit and paying and paying for things that I'd already bought months before. I'd always known that debt was something that I wanted to avoid, but it wasn't urgent. Until now. I sat down and really looked at all that we owed-even things that we thought were "good" debt. Is there really a good debt? Medical emergency debt and mortgage aside, I'm changing the way I think and tend to feel that there isn't.

I had read Dave Ramsey's My Total Money Makeover a couple of years ago and agreed with all the principles but wasn't ready to be really honest and focus. I'm ready now.

Its my hope that you will feel free to join us if you have debt, but also encourage us and help keep us accountable.

So this is the race that we will run as a family and change our family tree...

I will be posting weekly, so here it goes, and you're welcome to join in as we embark!


  1. I find it amazing that we both got really serious about this at the same time! Together we will make it.. pushing and pulling and encouraging each other.

  2. I know! We can be a huge encouragement to each other. Looking forward to reaching the goal with you guys☺☺