Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Favorite Things

I wanted to share some things I've been busy working on as gifts for friends, family and a special gift I received.

OK, so instead of getting caught last minute having to buy gifts that don't really reflect the person or blow the budget, I thought I'd make most of my gifts this year. The cost to me was minimal (thus helping me keep within the gift budget)but the time spent on putting it all together was a huge chunk. Pretty much all my free time was used in sewing or knitting or whatever. This is not a sacrifice to me (although my sewing machine seems to have permanently affixed itself to my dining room table, making eating a little difficult among all that thread). As I'm creating I'm often thinking of the person it's going to (and I always pray for them).

I have two other scarves, a fabric flower clip, an elf costume and a skirt I made but forgot to take pictures of...sigh...I really wish I had a photo of that skirt-it's a twirl skirt that I made for a sweet three year old's December birthday.

If you like the flower clips you can buy them here. My friends sell them in their Etsy store and add cute vintage buttons to theirs. I got the idea from them (thanks!) and just decided to give it a go as gifts (my buttons are not quite as cute:).   What I did was made a scarf and attached one (a few would look even better) of these flowers to it.  That's what my 3rd grader gave his teacher today.

Now for one of the best gifts I've ever received!  My dear, sweet, thoughtful friend Kendra has her own jewelery making business called As You Wish Design.  She surprised me this week by putting together a personalized necklace.  She put our family motto "Race Well Run" on one disc and then stamped the initials of all our kids on another.  Then she added mine and Mike's birthstones.  It all came in the cutest pink bag with a cleaning cloth to boot.  Kendra and her business partner, Kristin, are really fun to work with and can create anything you could want!  Their prices are good and I was able to find several combinations that would have worked for my budget.  Check below to see the necklace I had made for my daughter for Christmas.


  1. Thanks Kris!! You are so sweet and I am so glad you loved your necklace. I loved making it for you. You really are running your race well!! Thanks for the advertising too :). I just love how creative you are and am amazed how you are always trying new things! I just love my little bag...just WhatAGirlWants!

  2. Aww thanks for the love!! Janel does a great job on those flowers :-)

    We got a membership to the Dave Ramsey course for christmas and Im SO looking forward to it! Cant wait to share in your financial success!!