Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adios Debt #2

I paid my mother-in-law $12 earlier this week from money I earned sewing some American Girl doll clothes, and on Friday I was able to pay her $100 from the money I had left over from my grocery/household budget (this month I had $200 left over!).  This debt carries back from last winter when we had 5 feet of snow.  You'd think I would have had snow boots all these years, but nope, I always made sure my kids were outfitted and then I'd just make due with what I had.  Last year changed all that.  I couldn't go anywhere without boots, so my generous in-laws offered to pay for some boots for me.  We didn't have any money left with Christmas a few days away-well, it was just typically the non-plan that we had for our money at the time.  So I paid her $20 and then nothing, but I always knew I needed to pay her back.  This debt went on the list as #2 when we started this in November.  So it's done!  I don't owe her anymore, and I'm so thankful to have some really nice Sorels:)

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