Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shop At Home: Savings to Be Had

I just found a great web site for coupons, savings and receiving cash back!  It's called and you can check out the link on the right hand side, just above the about me section of my blog.  This is one of those win-win situations.  You save every time you shop through them, and if you sign up through my link and shop though them within 60 days I get $5 added to my cash back amount.  You can also spread the word and get $5 for everyone you sign up from an email link,  facebook or blog (in addition to all the coupons, savings, etc.)

Here's the deal I just did:  I got three Disney tumbler sets for $13 shipping included (two for my kids'-Easter baskets and one for our niece for Christmas).  See them here.  The only bummer was that all the Buzz Lightyear sets were gone, so I got Lightning McQueen instead.  So, with this purchase, I got $5 back for being a first time shopper and 5% back for shopping through Shop at Home!  That's $.63 per cup after counting tax and shipping!  Rule of thumb for me is that its not a good deal (no matter how thrifty) if we can't use it or no one wants it-these will for sure get used and be loved.  Plus, we really needed some new kiddie cups:)

Thanks She Saved for the tip!

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