Saturday, January 16, 2010

Skiing: A Small Delay But Worth The Price

Well, this weekend we are going skiiing for the first time since I was 18!  The beauty of this is that its being paid for with all cash.  You're thinking, so what?  I really can't stress enough how liberating cash and carry is!  It's so new to us and the more I use this method, the more I like it and can't believe we didn't do it sooner.  There's no middle man, no waiting for something to clear our account-it's just a done deal.

A year ago, my husband said that he wanted to shoot for winter 2010 to take our two oldest skiing for the first time.  We both thought that a year was enough time to buy the kids and us our outerwear, and then we planned on renting the equiptment.  Last year we were able to get some great clearance items as the season wound down.  I was completely on board with this....until 10/31/09-the day I we started managing our finances differently.

A major part of the plan we're on is concentrating your efforts on paying off the debt-that means taking any extra you make and throwing it on the debt.  I would have been completely happy to take all this extra money (my husband is getting paid just now for all his work this past fall filming football games for the GSL high school coaches) and say goodbye to a credit card or two with it.  But this is where real life figures in, and a marriage works better when there's two on the same page:). 

In reality, going skiing will delay our debt-free date by about a month.  We are going to be able to put some of this extra money towards debt, and I know this is something that's important to my husband.  So, I'm happy to say that my attitude is thankful that we can do this and I'm going to enjoy the slopes without remorse knowing that it's all paid for up front and we'll get to make some great memories with our oldest two children.

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  1. Good Job Kris and Mike! I know that most people live off of credit these days, and it's a tough cycle to break. I live off of all cash, have for quite a few now, and it's tough, but worth it. I obviously don't have the family size you have, so it's much easier for me of course. But to see that you have a plan and are working on it is awesome! My hat is off to you and Mike! Great Job! Keep it up!