Friday, January 1, 2010

We Met Our Goal!

The mini-emergency fund is now complete!  We have $1000 stashed away to break our dependence on credit cards (we used them any time an unexpected expense came up-umm, that's commonly known as life!).  I'm telling you I felt like we scratched, clawed and hard-core scraped our way to that $1000.

Looking back, I'm a little surprised at how it all played out.  Probably the worst two months-November and December, to start this.  We were able to not only save up this money, but also provide each of our kids three nice gifts each for Christmas.

So I sold like crazy on Craiglist.  I mean I listed all kinds of things.  Here's just some of the stuff I sold:

  • 1950's entertainment center (this was cool-it had a turntable, tv, radio and storage)
  • Harry Potter wii game that no one played
  • a 13 year old exersaucer
  • baby shoes
  • nursing cover (actually paid $3, sold for $10!)
  • dog crate for the puppy we had for a month: in-laws have him now:)
  • unfinished table and chairs
What I love about Craigslist is that I would have never been able to sell these items at a regular garage sale for the prices I got.  I even tried selling some of these things at our last garage sale.

We also added any extra money Mike made proctoring (giving the SAT), transferred his video account savings, and all the money I saved that first month on our groceries.

Some folks are able to sell high-ticket items to build their fund or throw at debt, but we don't really have those.  No boats, ATV's, snowmobiles.  Just did the best we could with what we had.  We feel really blessed to reach this goal!

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