Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rolling Deals

I've been thinking about my shopping and how much it has changed lately.  A lot of what I do now is buying items that will give me a coupon off my next shopping trip (known as a Catalina coupon-they print at the end of your checkout).  Albertsons and Walgreens are the two places I visit the most for those.  What's kind of funny to me is that you can buy an item and in the ad they claim it's "free" after you get the coupon, yet you had to shell out some bank.  So to me, its hard to say it's really free.  What do you think?  Here's the transaction I did today:

Nutrisse Hair Color x 2=$11.98 (yes, I color my hair-not ready to go salt-n-pepper yet!)
Fructis Conditioner $3.34
Fructis Mousse $3.33
Fructis Hairspray $3.33
Dessert Cup 39¢ (Not in picture.  This was a "filler" item, supposed to be 9¢ on clearance.  This makes all my coupons work out.  Click here to see what I'm talking about)

Then I forked over $14.00 in mfg. coupons/register rewards
Total w/tax=$20.09
Then, I got back two Register Rewards- $3 and $10 off my next trip.

This is where most people deduct the $13 in register rewards and say, "Look!  I only spent $7.09 for all that stuff!"  Did I or didn't I?  I guess it's an "all comes out in the wash" kind of thing.
Thanks Frugal Chic Living for the help with Walgreens coupons.


  1. Deducting that depends on how you count your savings. Are you going to use those register rewards in your next transaction -- and claim them as part of the coupons then? That's what I do. So I would claim $20.09 now (and compare that to full price, hoping I'd saved at least 50-60%).

    Keep playing the game! As long as you don't get sucked in by "it was such a gooood price!" and buy something you don't really need (dessert cup doesn't count, you know what I mean).

  2. The important thing to me in those situations is to have the self control to buy things I really need and would buy anyway. If it is something I would ususally never buy then I am just spending- not saving. It looks like all those things you bought will get used up in your family- good job! Now if you spend the 13 on what you really need that is saving!
    Sarah Crawford

  3. I for sure am only buying what we need (well, hair color isn't a need per say, lol). And I apply register rewards always towards items that will give me back more register rewards. Since I'm just starting out using Walgreens, I expect to get better at it as I go! Here's what I'm hoping to do next week:

    But I'll probably use some of my register rewards on that to make it an even better deal. I take all my rebates and apply them towards debt.


  4. Excellent! Do you have a CVS in your area? I love their "extra bucks" program. I bought 2 tubs of dryer sheets and some deoderant for $.59 last week.

  5. No CVS, but I wish we did-more deals to find! Nice purchase last week:)

  6. I struggle to wrap my head around the whole cash vs. Walgreens RRs too. Right now, I got $14.50 in RRs that expire 2/22, I don't see anything in this week's ad that I can use to roll them on and I hear that next week's add is just as dismal. I know I got to use them on Sunday or lose them (and thus, lose the $14.50 in "savings") but Im pretty bummed that I probably wont be getting an equal amount of RRs back to roll with :( This Walgreens game is a tricky one!

  7. Yes, Leah, I read that Walgreens is sucky this next week:(. I too, have RR to use by the 24th, so I'll make something work. Walgreens is tough, but I'm starting to see that Target and Safeway are worse! All their rules are hard to keep up with. But, hey, I'm mostly willing to play along! I think it was you that said in one of your blog posts that you had to "break up with Safeway!" I told my teenager that and she laughed so hard! Love your blog, by the way!