Thursday, February 25, 2010

SUCKERPUNCHED: Debts 3, 4 & 5!

We no longer have a Best Buy credit card, Alaska Airlines Visa and a personal loan living with us.  We were not sad to say goodbye to them as they were boorish guests.  Accruing interest, paying for items we bought months ago-these are not worries any more with these debts, 'cause they're gone!

We were able to knock out these three by using our tax return.  We were obligated to set aside around $4000 more of the tax return (total return=$7200) because of the crappiest thing: the sewer is coming to our neighborhood this summer and we are determined to not borrow any more money.  We are estimating our cost will be around $7000, so we'll be adding the rest from money Mike will be making this spring from coaching.  We also set aside $500 of the $4000 for car repairs that we're anticipating.

I know it's not a good thing to be getting a large tax return (in a nutshell, the government is getting to use your money without any benefit to you-you are not gaining interest on it), but part of that is that we claim 5 children and don't have a giant income.

So now on to much bigger debts that will take longer pay off, but we are very driven and keep pressing on!


  1. Good for you guys!!
    Do you have to switch to sewer, & pay for it yourself? All in all, I would prefer to have sewer, so I guess that's a good thing.:)

  2. We are all on septic right now, and the county has chosen our neighborhood as their next sewer project. Lucky us! We are on a corner plot, so our connection won't be difficult (and hopefully less expensive). Now I don't have to worry about our septic failing...and now I can get a garbage disposal:)