Sunday, February 21, 2010

What the heck is this....?

Saturday I picked up a deal off the clearance table at Staples.  Now, my mind is not normally in the gutter, but I just couldn't help thinking this looked like something else.  That something else I'm not going to say, but I'm guessing maybe you're thinking the same thing as me?  Or maybe I'm just residing in the gutter too long:)

Ok, so I got 25 of my favorite pens in a fabulous giant, albeit stubby sized pen holder that doubles as a piggy bank for $3.  I thought $2 would have been a better price, but we were in desperate need of some pens.  My nine year old son was thrilled with all those pens and the container (now he can write his music) and save money at the same time-two of his favorite things to do!


  1. So I had to tell you this . . when I was checking out your blog the other day I was laughing at this post and asked Scott - what's this look like? Well, Braylen comes by just then, takes a quick glance and says "Oh - that's a big giant pen!" and strolls away. I am so glad his mind is not in the "gutter" yet! :-) Scott and I laughed! He just saw it for what it really was . . . IT DOES LOOK LIKE SOMETHING ELSE THOUGH!!! HA! Thanks for the laugh! :-)

  2. I couldn't help it! I'm sure there was a reason for it being on the clearance table (and there were a lot of them!)