Saturday, March 13, 2010

25¢ Sale at Other Mothers

One of the ways I keep within budget is thrift store shopping, and for the kids I often go to Other Mothers.  Lately, our store has been pretty lacking.  It's a mystery to me how they choose their items.  I have taken my kid's stuff in to get store credit, and I often get back quite a few that they wouldn't take.  Keep in mind I even go through them and weed out what I know are "play" clothes and wouldn't be desirable to anyone else.  What I see on their hangers would not be something I would pay the type of money they're asking.  Often it's worn out or has been there for a long long time.  I also have about zero luck with boys clothes, and mainly just get my baby girl's stuff there.

I check about twice a month and there are often the same items.  Maybe I need to go in more.  I have also stopped taking the kids' clothes in as I'm going to see how selling them on Craiglist goes. 

Now, enough of the negative Nancy stuff!  I actually got a few items from the 25¢ sale that they have once, sometimes twice a month.  You really have to dig through the piles of clothes, but I found some acceptable tops and yes, I know, some really weird pants for Kate-I just couldn't help thinking that with the right top it could be a cute outfit.

So for five items I paid $1.25.  The birthday girl shirt is going to need a little TLC.  A good washing might get it cleaned up, but if not I've got some tough stain remover that should do the trick.


  1. Funny you just posted this - Braylen is starting to grow out of some of his things . . would you want them for your boys! (Braylen is so stinken big your 9 year old can probably wear them . . JK) But definately will fit Luke and your younger boy. I have to go thru them though - Braylen is pretty tough on his clothes right now, but I would love to pass them onto you! And then what size is Kate in? I need to go through Ryenna's closet . . . she is getting into 3T now and I need to get rid of her 2T. Is that Kates size?
    I have given my stuff to Other Mothers before too for a small credit, but I would just rather give them to somebody that I know would use them! My cousin passes her boys stuff to Braylen - I LOVE hammydowns! Let me know!

  2. Thanks so much, Joelle! These are a great help to us. So many cute things. Kate will be able to wear most of the stuff and we needed all those sweatshirts-it seems like you can never have enough of those!


  3. I am glad you will be able to use them! :-)