Monday, March 1, 2010

February Grocery Totals

This month wasn't as good as last month, but I still think I did pretty well-so here's the scoop:

Total Spent on Food= $303.80
Store Savings=$175.45
Manufacturer Coupons Used=$109.25

I think that $300 is a good target point for me.  We'll see how the summer months treat us, I've heard it's a  bit harder to coupon in the summer, but I haven't read what the reason for that is.  My guess is that it's just a busier time and maybe there's less deals to be had.


  1. This is so great! Recently, my 4 & 2 year old made their own concoction cooking in the kitchen & used my entire almost new jar of thyme I had just bought (like $3-$4 for the jar). I kep the jar & figure I would just buy bulk spices to refill it.
    Today, when I went grocery shopping today, I spent $0.54 on a little baggie of thyme that overfilled my jar.
    I kind of always knew this in the back of my mind, but to see it actually work out this way was really cool.
    Just a tip for saving on spices. :) (And my local grocery has the bulk spices in the natural foods area.)

  2. That's good to know, Merrilee! I often buy my seasoning in bulk at Fred Meyer or now, Winco, but it's hard to gauge how much I'm really saving. Now I know for sure it's a deal!


  3. Oh yes, friends!! Never buy the spices in the jar off the rack....always bulk! Done this for years, is a great way to try an unfamiliar one or buy a little for a single recipe too.

    Good job on the totals. I have totally been thinking of you as my busy self spent *gulp* $650 on groceries for our little family of 4 last month. Oh the shame of it. Turns out a lot of little trips that include no planning, 10 items for $100 at Costco, and trying a couple fancy recipes really do add up. Looks like it's time for another moratoreum (sp?)....Oh, and I saw the large Pen full of pens at Staples yesterday. I laughed.


  4. Those fancy recipes are the ones that killed me! As you know I LOVE to cook, and was always trying out new things. I consider this a time period where I have to exercise self-control and focus on our goals. Keeping my cooking simple has allowed me to keep on budget. Not super exciting, but it's working! Oh, yes, and that dumb rule about everything at Costco seeming to average out at about $10 per item! I just went today and beat that, but I had 12 items for $54-mostly milk (I did splurge on a gallon of chocolate milk for $2.99). It was a lot for me to hand over, but the milk will last for about a week and a half (9 gallons total)maybe two?


  5. Hey good job on your goal to get rid of debt. When my daughter was born (#4) our van of three months broke down and needed a new transmission. We already had a car payment and now had a huge expense on top of it. It took about three years to get it all paid off...just in time for the warranty on the transmission to expire and the van's transmission to expire along with it again!!!! But God is good, and we had most of it in savings this time.
    I bet that you will begin to pick up speed and that you will finish a lot sooner than you think!

  6. I haven't had a problem staying within our budget in the summer, as long as I keep up our stockpile through the winter.

    One reason I could see people saying this is that different items go on sale during the summer. For examples, items for picnics and BBQs, so condiments, snacks, hot dog and hamburger buns, etc. Probably not things you are going to use to build your stockpile. Where during the winter it's baking items, canned goods, you get the drift.

    Great job on your grocery budget though, especially for a family of five. Your blog is great, loving the Staples post with the "thing" full of pens. :)

    Melody @ This Beautiful Frugal Life

  7. Thanks for the tips, Melody! Yeah, I'm not thinking that we'll be munching down a bunch of ketchup and relish once those deals come in summer-blech! I'm really trying to stockpile which is easier on the drugstore items (I'm getting to the point where I can start giving it away-a goal of mine). We're doing well on cereal, but the rest is slowly growing. Thank goodness it's only 5 kiddos with reasonable appetites! We have to get through the debt snowball before the boys become teenagers!