Monday, March 8, 2010

Guess They're Paying Me to Shop

I just had to share this great little transaction I did on Sunday!  So I went to Rite Aid and bought 4 Covergirl Makeup products, 2 Starburst and 2 bags of Nestle chocolate eggs.  My subtotal was a little over $26.  Then between the BOGO's and coupons the total deducted was $23!  I wound up paying $2.98 for everything!  Even cooler, if I hadn't been so conservative with my figures I could have paid $.98 for all of that, but I was being a chicken (since I'm pretty new to Rite Aid shopping) and went with a $3 coupon instead of a $5 one (from reading their coupon policy they can't owe you money, so I wanted to stay away from totally messing up the deal).  Anyway, this kind of shopping is so much fun, I wonder why I didn't do it sooner!


  1. Hi Kris! Just got your question about Video Values coupons. To get more than one, when you go to print, it will pop up a "Print dialog" box that will let you choose how many copies you want. Once you print it, it is gone, but you can choose how many times to print.

    Some people have a problem with this falling under "couponing ethics". I am pretty strict about following the rules, but on this one, I don't see a problem. The fact that it gives you the option to print, where other online sites (such as put a restriction, says to me that it's okay. Totally up to you! There are still great deals to be had even without printing multiples!

    Melody @ This Beautiful Frugal Life

  2. Thanks, Melody! That's so helpful! I'm going to try do that next time. I play by the rules hard core (I've even told a checker that-they didn't think it was funny:). I don't have a problem with printing multiples as long as it's allowed-I call it being assertive with your time and money. When a deal doesn't work out, I just move on!