Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here's My Free Lunch and Maybe your Free Dinner!

 So I wanted to post this real quick so that you can snag this deal if you wanted before the day is done.  Panda Express is offering, today only (3/10/10), a free side of their Honey Walnut Shrimp.  It was good, but won't be a fav for me.  For sure worth 'friending' them on Facebook for this deal.  I just consider deals like this to be part of the frugal lifestyle!  Plus it's just flat out  fun getting free stuff.  Click on this link to get all the details.
Thanks Hip2Save for the tip!


  1. Ended up just making Taco's for dinner tonight. I don't know that I would like the Shrimp . . . . I'd want something Terriakki . . . then it wouldn't end up being a frugal dinner right? :-)
    I am so glad that I met you . . . it's nice to have a few people in your life with some common goals and viewpoints. A lot of our friends make fun of us for being so frugal . . (All in good fun of course) - Scott and I are definatly not the "norm" in our group. I've tried getting some of my friends into couponing, but they just say it's too much work! Anyway . . . I look forward to more playdates with the kids and some good chats with you! :-)

  2. Ha! My daughter really wanted me to take her to get her sample, but there was just too much going on to do that-I told her we'll catch it next time. I've really enjoyed talking with you and can't wait to get together soon!


  3. So - apparently the boys don't have school tomorrow! (Good thing I happend to check Braylens folder now and not in the AM) He would have been off to school! :-) Jeeze -

    So - I have to pick up our couch cushions tomorrow - so I will be close to your house so I will drop that Fruit Snack coupon off to you . . .