Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Goals For Spring Break

So, with Spring Break comes a break for me, too!  Not really.  I take the week off from watching kids, but there's some things I can't do while they're here.  Mainly, it involves finishing up some projects.  So here's the list:
  • Complete a handbag I started a year ago for my Mother-In-Law
  • make 4 sets of cloth sandwich bags for my favorite girl, Carol, and her fam
  • make Kate some new hair clips with my ribbon grab bag that just came in the mail
  • get a rid of expired coupons
  • make a new chore list for the four oldest kids and implement
  • go through my room and make it sparkling again:)
  • finish the details for Luke's 6th birthday
  • get some really cheap Easter candy!
This is in addition to all the stuff I normally do, so I think I'm being realistic:)  I'll let you know how it goes come Sunday, April 4th!

Update: It's Monday and you can see that I got half of my list finished.  Ugh!  Not what I'd hoped for, but I'm forever an optimist.  I'd rather have more on my list than not enough.  In return, I got to spend some unanticipated time with family and friends.  I'd say I still came out ahead:)

Here's some of the hair clips I made.  I was a machine and cranked out quite a few.  I even made some for my nieces to match their Easter dresses.  I'll be posting later about making your own hair stuff-a great way to save money if you have a little girl.

Thanks La Vida Cheapo for inspiring me to post my to-do list for this week!


  1. Hit Albertsons, Walgreens, Riteaid, Safeway ect! :-) (about 10 times!) Ha!

  2. Hehe! That's so true! I need more doublers, though:)

  3. Albies on Northwest BLVD had a whole stack sitting out tonight. I grabbed a couple more so I can get more free Crystal light! :-)

  4. I actually might head over there to get some more! Tuesdays are crazy-trying to get the last of the good deals for the week:)