Sunday, March 21, 2010

Score On Some Cheap Games!

Since we've been reducing our debt, I've sworn to buy gifts throughout the year so that it's not a strain when birthday's or Christmas come around.  With five kids, it seems like someone's always having a birthday!  My old habits would go something like this:  I would wait a couple of weeks before whoever's birthday and look for gifts.  Ugh!  Nothing like scurrying around to find the right gift with not enough time or money.  I mean I did give birth to all those kiddos, you'd think I'd be more with it for their special day:)

So here's the fabulous deal I did today:  I went to Target (kind of in a rush since Amazing Race is on tonight) and bought 10 Sobe waters.  When you buy 10 you get a $5 Target gift card.  I handed over $6 in coupons to make my total $4.16 with tax (plus I now had my $5 gift card in hand for my next trip).

Then I proceeded right back to the games and picked up R2D2 Trouble-$14 and Connect 4-$7.  At check out I had them price match with Toys R Us' ad for the Trouble game.  That game came down to $9.10, then I handed over $11 in coupons.  My total was $5.10 and then I paid with my $5 gift card.  My total out of pocket was $1.24! (they taxed me on $13.10).  Shopping this way works so much better for me.  I now am done with toys for the kids' Easter baskets and Easter is a couple of weeks away!  I also have a game to stash away for later.

I paid $5.40 out of pocket for 10 bottles of Sobe and two games!  And I even made it past the scary checker-guy at customer service!  Yay!

Oh, and that's my daughter who just had to jump in and 'pose':)


  1. Awesome Girl!!!!! :-) I LOVE it!

  2. Hooray, Kris! I just printed my coupons and will head over tomorrow! I'll be in touch about heading over to your place very soon.

  3. So if anyone wants to do this deal, be careful because I think I really lucked out! The coupon I used on the Connect 4 was for Connect 4x4 (anyone have this game? fun?), but it worked for me! My friend said that they wouldn't price adjust the Trouble game for her since it's a % off, not a price (we both think that didn't sound right, especially after you read Target's coupon policy). Anyway, I try to keep a copy of a store's coupon policy with me in case it gets confusing. Good luck!