Monday, March 15, 2010

Try Your Hand At Walgreens Shopping

I wanted to pass on this info so that even if you're not into couponing for food because you think it's all junk (which it's not), you could certainly save at the drugstores.  We're talking things that you will use throughout the year such as toothpaste, kleenex, etc.  Any guesses at to what I paid for all this?  I couldn't even get a picture up before we'd torn into the Reese's and had a swig of grape juice!  Anyway, I spent $4.49 with tax.  Then I got $4 Register Reward towards my next trip, so some people would count that as only paying $.49, but I'm not sure where to categorize that.  All this trip took was a little organizing of my coupons and using a Register Reward from a previous trip.  I could have had all this for free (with probably a few Easter candies thrown in so the store didn't owe me-they can't do that), since I had another $5 off Register Rewards with me, but I held on to it to use later this week.  Why not shop this way?  If you can do it, you'll have nothing to lose!  If you need any help shopping at Walgreens click on this helpful link from Hip2Save.

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