Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Changing Fonts to Reduce Printing Costs

I just read an interesting post here about changing your font to a money-saving one.  The thinner the lines in the font, the less ink a printer will use.  So fonts such as Century Gothic and New Times Roman are more money-friendly than Arial, which has thicker lines.  The post claimed that you could save up to $20 a year on ink!  For us, more money saved anywhere means more money to put on debt.

I had to finally buy a new printer because two months into my couponing I realized that it was going to be a long road with our Epson ink jet printer.  We use it mainly to print on DVD's for my husband's video work.  What I really needed was a laser printer.  Safeway wasn't even taking my printable coupons because they wouldn't scan.

After looking for few weeks, I woke up one Sunday and checked the ads and found that Staples had exactly what I was looking for at the right price.  I wound up getting a Brother (model HL-2140-that's my lovely printer in the picture) black/white only laser printer for $49!  Good price:)  I love it!  It does exactly what I want it to,  and I have zero problems with my printable coupons scanning at checkout.
Thanks Money Saving Mom!

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