Monday, April 12, 2010

Free Stuff I Got Over the Weekend

I had a blast this past weekend snatching up some free deals!  These were all done with coupons and a little driving to the stores:)  The pic on top was actually for 6 Lunchables (the kids at 4 of them before I took pictures!).  Emma was kind enough to model the T that we got free at Aeropostale:).  I took a third pic, but I think it got lost in compact flash-card-land.  Anyway,  I used my Albertson's doublers and got two packs of shredded cheese, six pack of yogurt and a box of fruit snacks.  Fun!  And free!


  1. Okay - so you want some more VERY VERY COOL FREE stuff? My Home Party last night was such a blast!! I am telling you girl - you HAVE to host a party - you will NOT be dissapointed!
    It is totally worth it. My party has not closed yet, but as of right now, I have over $100 in FREE product! (OH MY GOSH!) - 5 half priced items and of course my FREE Super Cool Serving tray . . . you actually have 3 Hostess gifts to choose from (and all were so cool)just for having a party! So it's worth it - even if for some reason NOBODY buys anything. (Which - will not be the case!) Michelle, the gal, that puts it on is just wonderful! I had an instant connection with her . . . she is also a coupon freak and a frugal nut!!! We were able to combine orders to get the best prices and everything! It was fun! I will tell you more about it if ya wanna. Can you tell I am EXCITED!!

  2. You are so funny! I'm so glad you had a great time hosting. It sounds like one of the best hostess programs around!