Monday, April 26, 2010

Homemade Wheat-Thins

Since I had a little extra time this afternoon (I feel a lot better after we had a 12 load laundry folding/putting away-party with the kids while watching Amazing Race last night), I thought I'd make some crackers!  I really enjoyed the whole process, but I can't really comment on the final product since I have seasonal allergies and have about zero taste buds right now.  3/5 kids have already reported that they like them.  The other two are asleep or at track practice-I'll get their taste-test results tonight:).    I just wish I could figure out how much it cost me to make them.

Anyway, here's the recipe I used from the LA Times.  Just scroll down on their page till you see the recipe for 'Thin Wheat Crackers.'  I used 1 cup of all-purpose flour and 1/2C of wheat germ instead of whole wheat flour, olive oil, buttermilk instead of milk and then I brushed them with a honey/water mixture and sprinkled it with just a hint of sugar and sea salt.  This recipe did make a little more than the size of a box of Wheat Thins.


  1. Ohh, those look delish!! What is that they are sitting on - a special baking sheet?

  2. Ok, so 5/5 like them-they're a go! It's a silicone baking mat-I LOVE it. My neighbor got it for me a few years ago-she just showed up with it one day as gift because she knew how much I love to cook. It keeps everything from sticking.

  3. I need your email address. :-)

  4. I testify to the Wheat-Thin-ness of these crackers. Wholesome & yummy.
    Tasted them at Left Center Right at Mary's house in April.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.