Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being Frugal: A Two Week Summary

Here's just an update on some of the stuff I've been doing to keep within budget, and always, hopefully, giving us more money to dump on debt.

  • Just bought 20 reams of paper for $10.10 through a Staples deal
  • Got 5 sponges, two packs of batteries and a chunk of cheese for $5.97
  • Made my toddler a dress for under $10  (w/Amy Butler fabric!)
  • Bought about the cutest summer shoes ever for my two youngest-$22.85 for both, shipped (they were $7.95 each with $6.96 shipping) 
  • Making some reusable snack bags for the kids (thanks, Carol,  for getting me motivated to do this for you and us!)
  • The usual careful, crazy, couponing for my groceries:) 

    For my online purchases I always go through  It's a great way to get money back on purchases I would have made anyway.  Click on this link or the ShopAtHome button on the right, just below my blog archives, if you want to check it out.  My cash back total is now at $13.73, and I'll get a check mailed to me when it hits $20-you guessed it, it goes straight to debt!


    1. that is a great deal on paper, do you know how long its going on?

    2. Leah, I just tried inputting the savings code on the Staples site to see if it was still going, but it's not! Bummer, I had someone else ask me about it today too.