Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Grocery Totals

I knew this month wasn't as good as previous ones!  BUT it's still way lower than what I was spending on groceries and more importantly, I was within budget (although my goal is for under $300, I budget $400 for food/household)!  So, here it is:

Total Spent on Food: $304.77
Manufacturer's Coupons Used: $155.00
Store Savings: $217.17

image credit: foto factory


  1. I really need to start keeping track of our grocery spending again too. I gave up for a while but now would be a great time to start again :)

  2. I have to post those so I can keep myself accountable:). Let's just say I might have a tendency to go over budget and delay our debt free date!

  3. You are doing such a great job Kris!!! It really is amazing how accountable you are when you keep things documented! I have finally gotten to the point now where I will only use cash. (I know - Mr Dave Ramsey would say "Hello, I told you so",) but last month Scott gave me $200 ($100 cash every time he got paid) and yesterday I STILL had over $30 left and I get another $100 tomorrow! AND I spent $35 of that at a yard sale, got Braylen's hair cut and me 2 shirts and one pair of shorts @ Target! It was a GREAT month for me! :-)

  4. Hey you! Good job!! I did much better this past month; gotta love moratoriums (sp?) and focusing on fruits and veggies. Had to break down and buy a bunch more meat last week, but we can put that in May right? Close enough!

    I found some really great deals in the "Used" section - that's what we call it when there's produce and meat that a marked way down for quick sale. We had some of the ribeye as a treat last night for dinner - always a blessing on a "Heat Meat And Eat" baseball night!

    And, Cass came with me to Costco on Thursday and was quite shocked at how much food prices in general have gone up. Um, been trying to tell you that Love. As usual it worked out to be $10 an item average. So funny how it always works out that way for me. Anyway, loving sharing your frugalness! We need to chat - things happening in our world! Love you, C

  5. Hey CB-good job! I've been shopping a lot more in the used section-I like that description, makes me smile. I only go to Costco for milk, bananas, sometimes bread if we're really needing it, one bag each per month of chicken nuggets and meatballs. That's it! I think I'm going to let my membership lapse in July. You are already very frugal and I keep your situation as motivation for our future. Looking forward to you being settled again soon. I got your message. We'll talk soon:)
    Joelle-I'm truly amazed at what you do with your budget! It's inspiring! Cash and carry is the only way to go, baby!