Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Being Frugal: A Three Week Summary

Here are just a few of the ways I've been saving!  It's mostly with our grocery budget, but I wanted to show a couple of other things I'm doing, too.
            I paid 29¢ for this + a 20oz. pkg of ground turkey not in the picture (we ate it already:).

                                           58¢ for this (16 chocolate bars were free!):

                                          77¢ for these (not to mention the free re-usable Target bag I got last month):

Totally free-I even made money on the pasta sauce.

                      More money-making pasta sauce.

Of course, coupons matched with sales made the above possible!

Birthday gift for 6 year old boy=$4 + tax.  Butterfly net, jungle bubbles, Star Wars kite and that tiny foam ball molding 'stuff' (I don't know what to call it-it never dries out like playdough!)  This is the third time we've given this gift in the last two months and it's always a hit, especially the butterfly net.  You can find all of this at Dollar Tree.  The nets are getting harder to find, though.

And for the last thing: Rebates That Get Dumped On Debt
I love this one!  Every time I get a rebate back from a product I've bought, I immediately put it in the 'bank' envelope.  This envelope holds any check or money that's going towards the current debt in our debt snowball (That's the car right now.  Note too, that we only have 4 debts left.  We have paid off the first 5. Our debt-free date according to that calculator is much sooner, too.  I'm not sure how to edit that.).  I also add any money that I have left over from the budget.  The $12 above is from an oil change that cost $18 instead of the $30 I budgeted.  I'm starting to feel more comfortable putting budget leftovers on debt as we've gotten a little more streamlined.  The bank that holds our car loan must think I'm crazy, because I come in there with these little payments, but I don't care-it's just that much sooner that we'll be free!

Thanks Confessions of a Couponaholic, Hip2Save and my friend, Joelle.


  1. Hi Kris! Your pictures partially answer one question I have for you- what do you eat? Could you post a skeleton outline of dinners you make? It's interesting to me how differently we all eat and how you are staying under your budget so well!
    Great Job!
    Sarah Crawford

  2. Hi Sarah! Ok, so I make dinners out of what I've been able to buy. So, for example, for the past few days we've eaten:
    -chicken enchiladas
    chicken was $.99/lb, tortillas were free, cheese was $3 for 2lb (close to sell by date), sour cream was ≈ $.39 on overstock clearance and coupon, I had the rest of ing. in pantry.

    -breakfast for dinner tonight
    hashbrowns .$74, eggs $1.69- used 1/2, toast $.50/loaf @ FM, bananas $.49/lb., juice $1

    -Penne w/meatballs and spag sauce, frozen veggies
    pretty sure the pasta was <$.25 (it's been a while since I bought it!), frozen veggies-$.65 meatballs from Costco (1 bag/month)=$12.99

    huge bag from Costco $3.35 (I freeze this-it lasts forever), refried beans or pre-cooked pintos from the freezer, cheese, onions, salsa etc. Whatever fruit's on sale.

    Of course I'm not using up 2lb of cheese in my nachos, or we're eating a whole loaf of bread for our toast that meal, but I thought I'd give you an idea of what I'm paying for these things.

    For me, all this has been a change, as I love to cook (I can literally sit and READ a cookbook for fun!)and experiment. So I guess this is what I mean when I say we're keeping it simple.


  3. This is exactly how I plan our meals too! It is simple, but we are NOT starving that is for sure! :-) Nothing wrong with simple, especially if other goals are being met - which is so exciting! GREAT JOB!

  4. So true! I remind myself that while I'm not cooking Martha Stewart style much anymore, I AM reaching our goals-it is exciting!

  5. Thanks for the run down! Sounds yummy and easy!