Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family Coupon Outing

I'm sure most people would call this crazy, but I took all five kids (and Teddy B, the Kindergarten bear that's visiting our house for the weekend) on a coupon mission.  Husband was out of town, so I was the lone adult.

  Yesterday was 4/30, the last day to use quite a few coupons in my stash.  I saw this post from Pocket Full of Coupons (thanks!) and that was all it took-I was off!  I'd been trying to use those darn Seattle's Best latte coupons for a month!  Obviously free coffee is a bonus anytime, but I happened to have sixteen of those coupons (thanks Joelle) that would make my 16 coffees free!

So, since I still consider myself in the learning stages of couponing, I decided to make the outing an adventure, a hunt for the coffee.  I also told them they could each pick out a box of Cheez-Its at Albertons if they were good at Safeway, where the coffee was (if that seems like a lame 'treat', first of all, my kids all love Cheeze-Its, and second, when you have a bunch of kids on a limited income, you're getting out of debt, and on a budget, simple treats go pretty far)  It took our third Safeway for us to finally find the coffee in stock, and we were able to use all 16 coupons!

Let's just say the Philly fam was high-fives all around in the parking lot!  I was on a coupon high, and the kids were wanting all that coffee, which I nixed all requests-like taking all my kids wasn't busy enough, I couldn't imagine them jacked on caffeine on top of that!

Unfortunately, when we got to Albertson's my coupons wouldn't match up right for the Cheez-Its, but the kids took it well.  I wasn't about to pay $1.50 for the small box, and my kiddos pretty much know Mama doesn't pay full price for anything.  But I did get them Head and Shoulders (it was actually a request from two of them) after it was determined that last week my 9 year old son was using Axe body wash on his hair for the last couple of months and creating his own dry scalp.  My 13 year old daughter is horrified that her younger brothers use Axe!  You know, those racy commercials?  If you use Axe, you're supposed to be a babe magnet?

Anyway, it was a fun trip, and completely worth all the work!


  1. Teddy B went on a few coupon shopping trips when he stayed at the Pfeffers too! :-)
    Good, I am glad you found some coffee! I had been serching high and low all month to use those coupons too with NO luck! As Scott was walking out the door yesterday am to take Braylen to school, I saw a small blurp about them being 10/10 @ Safeway and ran out and threw a stash of coupons at him and said "Go get these! If they don't have them, get a raincheck"! I didn't realize the stinken things expired 4/30 until he got home! He had to do some errands out Market and in the Valley - so he hit up some of those Safeways and then I was able to finish out my coupons @ NWBLVD Safeway. I was in the parking lot still when I called JoDee to tell her to get her butt to Safeway and they had at least 40-50 left on the shelf! She said by the time she got there they only had 7 left! I guess everyone was scrambeling last minute for their FREE Coffee!! I personally can't stand the stuff, but Scott was VERY happy! :-)

  2. Oh, also, what happend with the Cheez it? I personally, never did that deal @ Albies. I used my Cheez it coupons at Fred Meyer with the Mighty Dog overage and I had a $4 cat to use . . so I went for the bigger boxes and virtually zippo OOP. It's funny how I used to pay 2/$5 @ Walmart ALL the time and think I was getting a good deal! Now, I hem and haw over .50/box!! Times have changed eh? Did you notice though that on the Cheez it coupon and the Keebler cracker coupon they have the exact same redemption to address and info for the retailer? It should have worked for ya! Bummer! We are Cheez it freaks at our house too and it is a rare occation that we get them anymore! At least your kids understood . . . my kiddos are the same way "If mom doesn't have a coupon - they know they won't get it!"

  3. I don't like coffee either! I was just so excited to get them for Mike! Yeah, I tried to tell the checker that it's the same company, and all, but she said her computer was saying item not found? Anyway she dug out the Cheez-It coupon in the redeemed coupons envelope, and I told her, um, that's for the wrong size box (I had that one too in my stash). Anyway, I just had her take them off my order and got the shampoo and toothpaste for the PG deal. Was starting to get tired by that point!

  4. I feel bad that the coupons didn't work for you for the Cheez-its, I went back and bought 6 more boxes and had no problem is the Keebler coupon it so strange that each stores seems to be a little different when it comes to coupon. I'm so glad you got some coffee!

  5. JoDee, I'm so glad it worked out for you! Those stores are definitely not streamlined! I'm learning that when one deal doesn't work out, there for sure will be another one around the corner:)