Sunday, May 9, 2010

Having Fun, Saving $24 From a Parade?

This was a fun Saturday for us!  We went downtown to see the Jr. Lilac Parade, as our oldest was marching with her middle school band, let the kids play, then went out to eat at our favorite burger joint.

So, I'm not too sure that going to parades is the best strategy for saving money, but we were given two coupons for free haircuts at Sport Clips from one of the paraders (is that even a word?)!  Yay!  That's a $24 savings for my boys.  I usually cut my oldest son's hair, but the younger two have difficult hair to cut.  One always looks like I hacked it, and the other has the most gorgeous, wavy hair, that it's hard for me to shear it-I really like to keep him a little longer.

Eating out is something we haven't given up completely, and we budget to eat out about twice a month.  We love going to D'Lish!  If you like burgers (which they're not a fav for me, but these are so fresh and delicious + their fries are to die for) this is the place to go.  The decor leaves a bit to be desired, but after your first bite, you won't care!  We've even determined that these beat In-N-Out in California.

Here's a Happy Mother's Day shout out to all of you who work so hard raising up your kiddos.  I love being a mom!  Our family isn't perfect, and I wouldn't trade what I have or the heartache we've been through in losing our third child, Rose.  When I see these five faces, I know why I work as hard as I do with my husband to get our finances right.  We want to pass on the money skills that we're learning at our age so that they will have them as they start out their adult lives.
                      Emma didn't know we were taking her picture.  She's usually a very smiley girl:)


  1. Love your blog and how you are working off debt! I did not know you lost a child! I am so sorry!

    You have a beautiful family.

  2. Thanks Jackie, I love reading your blog too! I can't wait to get mine hardbound when we've paid everything off-that's going to be a great keepsake. We lost Rose a few days before her due date, she'd be 7! Our faith has grown, we've grown, but we'll always miss her.

    You look like the happiest grandma!