Friday, May 28, 2010

House Party!

I was selected to host a House Party!  Yay!  I will be using the fabulous products that the Ball canning company sent me to make some salsa and jam with friends.  So, what is a House Party?  It's a business that other companies can use to get their product out to the consumer in a fun way.  Hosts are chosen from an applicant pool and then mailed all kinds of freebies, coupons and gifts.  If you're interested in hosting your own House Party, click here.

So here's what I got:

15 reusable shopping bags for guests
Canning starter set with TONS of pectin for making jam.  Coupons to hand out to guests on the left.
More pectin.
Coupons for me to buy the jars for guests.  I'll be getting 4 cases FREE.  Recipes to hand out on the right.
This is the best part (in my love of all things home-ec): a stainless steel canner!  This thing rocks!  It'll be so good to replace my warped bottom canner.

I also got a box of canning utensils, a huge flip chart (so I guess I can pretend I'm a TV chef while I'm explaining to everyone how to can?) and two cook books.  Not too bad.  I can't wait!


  1. Oh I can't wait Kris! Your party will be tons of fun!

  2. I seriously want in on this party! I got my own jars and canner!

    I hope you can join us for the Strawberry outing, it will be tons of fun :)

  3. You got it, Leah! I'm sending you an invite:) Planning on the strawberries so I can stock up the jam.

  4. You can invite me.:) Maybe I'll be able to make it over!
    Also, you should post recipes of meals that you make that are yummy but help you stay in your budget. I am always looking for good meal ideas that are cheap! I can't believe you can feed your family of 7 for less than $250. I don't think I do takes so much time to be organized with the coupons, etc.