Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reusable Sandwich Bags: Finally DONE!

My dear friend, Carol, asked me to make some reusable sandwich/snack bags for her family fovever ago (I think it was two months) to which I not-so-humbly replied "No problem!  That's like a home-ec project!  It'll be quick."  Ha!

So she determined that she'd like to have 4 for each family member.  Two large sandwich size, and two snack size.  I used this tutorial from Noodleheads as a guide, only I didn't recycle old pants, but tried to pick material that matched the personality of each person.  I also sewed most of the velcro on with a zig-zag stitch-it reminded me of brown lunch sack fringe.

I'm awaiting feedback to see how these work for her.  I'm making some for us too.  The type I made won't work well for sloppy sandwiches or food that's very moist.  They will be great for crackers, tidy sandwiches, and certain veggies and fruit.  These will be a money saver in the long run, and will work well if there's a large rotation.  It cost me $10 for supplies to make 16 bags and I will be able to make about 8 more.  Even better, I plan on using my scraps I already have to try to get a large supply built up.  Oh, and I just ♡ the Mom tattoo material!  I might just make my toddler a dress out of it for kicks:)

Thanks Noodleheads!


  1. Wow! sorry I haven't been on here to comment on the re-usable bags. Been a little busy ;-) Overall they are working really great. I have used them for easy things like pretzels and crackers, but also for strawberries, cut veggies and cheese. My daughter's friends are a bit jealous that her bags have cupcakes on them. They travel really well, and are much less embarassing than piles of plastic bags at the bottom of my purse.

    Admittedly I re-use them several times before washing them, but in some ways, that is the point right? I hate plastic bags because it's so easy to throw them away even if there's something totally benign from a food safety standpoint even if they can be re-used.

    So far they are holding up well to washing, but I haven't gone crazy washing them yet. I tried both inside out and regular to see if it would make a difference - none noticeable so far. Whatever crumbs were in the one with the nice fabric out dissolved just fine.

    Hope that feedback helps! Will definitely keep using! Thank you so much!

  2. Um, well, it's not like you've been busy or anything! I would use them more than once for dry stuff like pretzels-why not? I still haven't gotten around to making more-I've been helping Mary make a quilt-something I such a novice at!

    I sewed the velcro on different ways: let me know if that makes a difference in the future. Is the 4 enough for each person?

  3. Hi Kris! It has been a while...I downsized on Facebook (25 people) and I don't get to read blogs very much anymore either. Planning for homeschool and driving the kids to swim team takes up a lot of my time.
    Great job on these sandwich bags! We are pretty "green" at our house and I have been wanting to either make these or buy them. I was wondering if you used any kind of lining in the bag. The ones they sell at New Seasons have some sort of lining to make the bag a little more moisture proof, I think.
    Again, great job and congrats to you guys for suckerpunching debt! We're working on that too. (thank you Dave Ramsey!)
    Keep up the good work and we'll keep your littlest one in our prayers. I hope her toes are doing better. :)
    Kim Fix