Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scan Giveaway

(maybe some day I'll get pictures of food/drink that's not been half eaten or or totally swigged!)

I just had to share this little tidbit I knew nothing about until Sunday!  So I went to Albertsons and used some of my doublers and coupons.  Here's what I got:
  • 1 bottle of Welch's grape juice with fiber
  • 6 packages of tortillas
  • 2 packages of Oscar Meyer deli lunch meat
My total came to $3.80, which didn't seem right to me.  I got out to the car and looked at my receipt and the grape juice rang up at $5.69!  I almost fell over (kinda hard to do in a car).  I looked at my daughter and told her we had to go back in since that juice should have been $3.

Long story short, the checker refunded me the entire $5.69 for the juice since it had been misrepresented on the display.  The fiber juice wasn't included in the sale, so she called it a "scan giveaway".  It's an Albertsons policy to refund the entire amount of the item if it rings up wrong (meaning you get the item free!).  So I guess the moral here is to always check your receipt!  In the end, they paid me $1.89 to get my stuff:)

*Product Update:  Ok, so that grape juice with fiber is like colon blow!  My two youngest have been going and going, so it does work!


  1. Not all Albertsons give it to you free if it scans wrong...sometimes they just refund the difference.

  2. I'm not surprised, they seem to be all over the board with what they're supposed to do. I did find an interesting post:

    Seems they're supposed to give you the first item free, after that, any more of the same item at correct price and a refund of the difference.