Tuesday, June 29, 2010

American Eagle: $5 Independence Day Shirts

While I was waiting for my daughter's 2 hour appointment to finish up, I ran into Northtown and got one of these cute $5 4th shirts from American Eagle for her.  They have quite a few left, and about four other styles to choose from.

I have to add, here, that I'm kind of a word junkie, so thought I'd read the shirt (I know the Star Spangled Banner thanks to my high school history teacher, Mr. Ayers, who made us all recite it in front of the class-extra credit if you sang it).  As I'm reading it, there's two typos!  Ugh!  And I'm not even a perfectionist.  I guess it bugs me because it's our National Anthem and it really shouldn't be a question of getting it wrong.

Thanks Hip2Save.

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