Thursday, June 10, 2010

Being Frugal: A 4 Week Summary

Here's some of the best deals I was able to track down these past few weeks.  I'd like to keep it as two week summary, but spring is busy with a house full of five kids!  I do my best:)
I got the above all for $1 at Target.  Thanks to my friend, Jorene, for telling me about the coffee!  She was so kind to give me another one, so we're giving two for donation this Saturday at the ladies tea to benefit City Gate ministy, and my husband will take one to work (they trade off bringing coffee).  Thanks to Confesstions of a Couponaholic for the other match-ups.

Canning!  I was picked to host a Ball canning House Party.  I received tons of great freebies such as the huge canner in the picture above.  It was a blast, and I now have some pepper jelly to serve over cream cheese-yum!  Also, Winco has 4lbs. of strawberries on sale for $2.98 right now, so last night until 1am my mother in law and I made 16lbs. of strawberry into jam.  This is what I got to take home.
  Free Gillette razor from a blog giveaway.
 $12.95 delivered, from the Disney Store.
Wipes on Roll-Back at Walmart: $1.97, I used the $2/1 x 4 from the 6/6 PG insert = free!
$3.25 for all three, shipped from Medco Health Store.  I used a $10 off any purchase code (I don't think the code's working any more, but here's the one I used: MHS10).

 So, some fun, some necessary things.  Next, I can't wait to show you the family garden!  When we started our debt pay down in November, there was a common theme in advice I got: plant a garden to stretch the budget.  I really took it to heart and the garden is well on it's way.

A special thanks to my friend, Joelle, for being so generous.  Being frugal allows generosity in ways I never imagined.  It's a  blessing to me to bless others by using my money wisely and not always worrying about it-all this even while paying down our debt.  We have truly changed how we handle money, and God is blessing our efforts!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I JUST found your blog and I LOVE it! I am now a true follower. :) Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and tell you thanks for sharing all your deals. I can't wait to see what else you come across. If and when you get a chance, come check me out. :) Anyway, thanks again for your posts......

  2. Oh - you are so very welcome Kris!!! I have another stack waiting for you - feel free to stop by anytime to pick them up! :-) Talk to ya soon.

  3. Wow! Cheryl, I checked out your blog, and you have put a lot of effort into it! You have found some fabulous deals:) Thank you, too, for the kind words.
    Joelle, I'll be over sometime soon? Maybe tomorrow before the official summer break starts. I've got some Safeway booklets for your aunt, too.