Monday, June 28, 2010

Our First Camping Trip of the Season

We just got back yesterday from a couple of nights camping at Priest Lake, ID!  I always feel revived after one of our camping trips.  It's time well spent being jammed together in our tent, playing, getting dirty and eating camp food.

Camping was an area that we actually talked about nixing when we started out debt pay down.  Some people are so focused on getting a rid of their debt that they cut all unnecessary expenses which, in turn, gets them out of debt faster.  That really is the goal -work hard, concentrate our efforts, then reap the rewards of being debt-free.  I, for sure, would never knock someone who approaches their debt pay down this way.  These are the same folks that are able to not eat out, which I admire. 

After talking about it, we decided to come in somewhere in the middle: still camp, but stay closer to home.  No Oregon Coast beach camping for us for a while.  Also factoring into our decision were two things: you can't go back and re-create memories as a family.  They are always going to get older-you have one shot at it.  Secondly, we had bought most of the supplies we needed last summer (Yay!  Those items were actually paid for, not charged). We're able to borrow what ever else we need thanks to gracious friends and family.

So, I'm estimating that our trip this weekend cost us about $60, figuring gas and reservations.  For food, I'm my estimate is about $20.  Well worth it!

We plan on at least two more trips this summer.  One to see friends in Montana and another trip to  Farragut St. Park if we can get reservations.   I'm so glad we can camp in the middle of the week-we have a lot more flexibility!  In the end, camping, for us, fits within our budget and our debt pay-down.
Where do you like to go camping?  I'd love to hear about your favorite place!  


  1. Lock all our doors, access to the sprinklers and hoses, my back yard is looking pretty good and cost effective!!! Grandma Mary

  2. I'm out in California and Half Moon Bay State Beach is very close by and we love camping there:

    There surely is a trend with camping over the past few years. So many people are out of work, it's one of the few things you can afford with your family.