Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strawberry Chips

With the loads of strawberries that I've gotten from Winco ($2.98 for 4lbs=$.75/lb-deal ended Sunday.) I have to say I was getting a little tired of making jam and thought I'd dehydrate one of my 4lb packages.  So here's what some of them look like:
The great thing is that I call them strawberry chips and the kids are all over them!  So for a recipe, there's not much to it.  We found that we can use the food processor to slice if you pulse rather than just run it continuously.  Then just lay them on your dehydrator and let it run all night and most of the day (or whatever directions say for your model).  I rotate the shelves so that they get done evenly.  Thanks to my mother in law who did this batch for me and gave me her dehydrator years ago!


  1. You can also use an egg slicer to slice strawberries.:)
    I have a recipe for strawberry bread if you want it! I haven't tried it, my cousin sent it to me, but it sounds great!

  2. I love that tip-I'll have to try that (when I get an egg slicer again-ours broke). We plan on going up to Greenbluff to pick strawberries soon.
    I'd love your recipe! Thanks!