Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Suckerpunched: Braces

In our old way of doing things, we would have paid for a couple of years on our daughter's braces that she got today.  I'm happy to report that with a bit of planning and saving, we were able to pay in full for her treatment today!  I actually considered coming in there with Monopoly money just to see what they'd do, but decided against it:)  Instead I forked over the real cash (did you know they don't make $1000 bills anymore?  That would have been so cool to fork over a couple of those)  So, I consider this a debt that never was: it's suckerpunched, baby!

image credit: PhotoXpress/hugy


  1. Congratulations on paying for braces with CASH. I really am so impressed!

  2. Thanks! It's a long haul with 4 more left that will probably need them:) It feels so good to be done with it!