Friday, July 16, 2010

Another House Party!!!

Woohoo!  This morning I got an email stating that I was a finalist for a Boboli House Party!  I'm so excited, because here's what I'm getting:

The FREE party pack includes:
  1. 1 Letter explaining the process
  2. 8 - $5 off coupons for Boboli Pizza Crust for the host 
  3. 1 Food tent for your pizza
  4. 14 - $2 off coupons for Boboli Pizza Crust for the guests
  5. 15 Boboli photo frame magnets
  6. 15 Boboli grocery totes
  7. 15 Boboli pizza grilling recipe card sets (3 recipes in each set)
  8. 15 Boboli pizza grilling tips and nutritional information 
Yep, I get to grill pizza!  This is something I've always wanted to try-I can't wait!

Not only did I get picked to host this party (this is my second time being picked to host a House Party-the first time was for Ball Canning Co.), so did my mother in law!  My neighbor also got picked to host a Kleenex party that we'll be going to soon (hmm, should we all have colds as a requirement to go to that one?:).  If you've never checked out House Party, click here to find out more.  You are not selling anything: I suck at that and am not too crazy about that kind of thing anyway.  It's a way for companies to get their product out in a fun way and you benefit from all the free stuff they send you.  A win-win situation.  I'm using this House Party to invite my extended family for a huge pizza night!


  1. I'm not going to lie, kind of jealous that you got picked for another House Party. You are one lucky girl! The Boboli party sounds so fun, grilling pizza sounds awesome!

  2. I know! I was shocked that I got picked again! I'll definitely send some coupons your way:)

  3. When are you doing it?? We'll be there second week of August. I wanna come!! Loves, CB

  4. That is crazy girl! I agree with Karissa - so jealous! :-) Thanks for the goodie you left on my porch!

  5. I applied for the PS3 motion party. Really hope I get it. Lucky you

  6. I hope you do too, Jorene! CB, I so wish you could come, but I'm going to have it the third week!

  7. You got picked again!??? Go buy a lottery ticket, Girl! Faster than clipping coupons to pay down that debt :)