Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being Frugal Summary

I'm loving this summer!  We've been so busy with family, house and friend stuff.  No boring days around here this year.  So here's some of the ways I've saved recently:

Everything was free (or I made money on it) except the sippy cups-they were $2/1 at Fred Meyer.  My mother in law found that deal and we both stocked up since these were the Platex insulated type-you never find them that cheap!

I love my rebates!  All rebates around here get dumped right on debt, and as you can see, it really adds up!  I also got a free coupon for Huggies as part of a Rite Aid purchase.  The larger check is from Shop at Home.  Whenever I shop online I go through them and get a % back on my purchase.  When your cash back total reaches $20 or more, they cut you a check.  Click here to find out more about Shop At Home.

Ohh, this one was a while ago at Target, but I love it because we were getting low on shampoo, and I was able to stock up for free (except the jeans).  So here's what happened-I knew I'd have overage since I had a rain check for the shampoo @ $2.57/1 and my coupons were $3/1.  So I grabbed the jeans that were on clearance for $4.48 to absorb some of that overage, but when I got to the register the cashier adjusted down the coupon to $2.57, which still made them free, but no overage.  Cheap jeans, still, but not almost free!  So, in the end, I paid for the jeans, but everything else was free.

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