Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crooked Toes

Tomorrow morning at 6am we'll be at Shriners.  Ugh.  I'm dreading this little trip as we're checking our youngest daughter in for minor surgery on her sweet little toes.  She was born with an overlapping little toe and as she's grown it's causing blisters when she wears shoes.  She also has 'curly' toes-those are toes that curl sideways and under her other ones.  So, most likely she'll just need a dressing post-surgery, but if they need to put a pin in, she'll have a cast and a possible overnight stay.

The part where you have to leave your child in their little hospital gown that's too big and turn away is the most awful feeling in the world.  But we've got this little girl covered in prayer and I'm thankful that we can help her have feet that will fit into shoes!

I have to add that Shriners is an amazing place.  The staff we have worked with have all been professional and took their time with us.  When we went in for the first time, they had a hand made blanket waiting just for our daughter that she got to take home with her.  It is such a blessing to have a resource like this in our city as all the services received are free of charge. Their generosity is just amazing!

*Here's an update of how her toes look today (3/30/11) after healing for 8 months:
The left foot has less scarring

Her right foot has more scarring, but not too bad.


  1. The Naslund family said some prayers for you and your daughter! Shriners is an amazingly generous place...AMEN!

  2. Thanks, Karissa, it's much appreciated! She's resting right now in her daddy's lap, and everything went well. She's not liking the dressing, though:( Her Dr. said we'd be doing better than most if she leaves it alone for today.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Jason, and I was born as well with overlapping pinkie toes on both feet. My mum never did anything to correct my toes, now I'm 15 and I wanted to know if the operation on your child went well, did they correct them?.
    Well hope they did, thanks and nice to meet you, I wish my mum wouldn't done the same thing ,..

  4. Hi Jason, yes, her surgery went very well and I'm happy to report that her toes are just fine minus a bit of scarring. When they did the surgery, they made a "Y" shaped cut, which we were warned would look excessive, but it's an actual technique they use for overlapping toes. Have you looked into it for yourself?

  5. I just happened to be searching information on crooked toes and found your blog. I noticed that my son's toe looks EXACTLY like the picture you posted. Coincidentally, he is already a Shriner's patient and we have an appointment for his scoliosis, but I plan to have them look at his foot while we are there. Did they try other nonoperative treatments before doing the surgery? Which Shriner's did you go to? We go to Philly.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    We didn't try any nonoperative treatments as with her, it was a lack of skin in that toe area that caused the toes to overlap. She had both 5th toes done along with two tendons cut for the curly toes. Her toes are all where they should be and now minus a bit of scarring. I'll try to get a picture up of her toes now so that you can see how they've healed. We went to Spokane and were so happy with the staff and their professionalism. I wish you the best with your son's treatment!

  7. Unfortunately, the foot specialist will be in surgery all day the day we will be at Shriners, so I am going to have to have a local ortho look at his toes. We're in VA, so extra trips up to Philly are not an option. Would love to see the after pics. Was the recovery fairly easy? He is involved with sports (skating and baseball) and he'll want to get back to it as soon as he can.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that we are heading back to Shriners for a consult with the foot specialist. His ortho for his scoliosis recommended that we stick with a pediatric foot specialist which is hard to come by, so we're having x-rays taken down here and then setting up an appt with the surgeon up in Philly. Thanks for sharing your story with me!

  9. Hi Jennifer,
    I got the pics up for you to see. I'm glad he'll get to see the specialist. Wish you well with the appointments and outcome. Please let me know how it all goes.