Friday, July 30, 2010

July Grocery Totals

A little higher than I'd like this month, but I'll tell you what I gained.

Total Spent on Food: $324.98
Store Savings: $88.63
Manufacturer's Coupons Used: $ 116.59

Phew!  My coupon use was a little down this month, and I did freezer cooking for the first time, which I did not shop for, and in turn did not use from my stockpile to make the recipes.  However, I'm am beyond thrilled to have three other gals to cook with and a freezer full of dinners for about half the month!  This is the first time I could ever find anyone who was interested in doing freezer cooking regularly.

I have been the canning queen as well!  We have put up several jars of raspberry-honey jam and cherry-honey jam all made with local berries/cherries and honey from Greenbluff.  If you're hankering for blackberries, they're ready right now, and here's where we get all our berries.  The Deitz family is just fabulous and they have wonderful fruit.  We love it there, and feel good about supporting our local growers.

I also (and anyone who has an educator as a spouse will understand this) have a husband home all summer with me!  I feel like I have my long lost teammate back!  We've been having a ball with our kiddos, friends, each other and family. 

While it's higher than I'd like for my totals, I'm within budget ($400 for food/household for a family of 7) and that is what matters.  Less extra for debt, yes, but I gained a whole lot this month.

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  1. Good for you, Missy! I like where you've placed those priorities and your perspective is just right :)