Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where a Few G's are Headed

I hope your summer is going well!  We've been busy since school's been out and my husband is home (he works in a high school) doing all the fun things you can do with five kids.  So, I don't feel too bad that I haven't posted in a while:).  Still have tons to share, just a little slow on getting it out there.

With this summer, comes lots of dust at our house, and the entire neighborhood.  Unfortunately, for us, that also means a longer time till we're debt-free.  Here's where about $10,000 of our cash is going to have to go:
Into a giant 30 ft. deep hole!  Our area is still on septic, but the county decided that it was time for us to have sewer.  How kind.  I wouldn't mind, but what a fabulous way for the county to make money off of us forever!  Aside from the obvious, such as having our septic fail, it  is very inexpensive for us to maintain.

Since it's our goal to never borrow money again, we made the decision early on to pay for the entire amount up front.  $5,700 to the county and with only one estimate so far for hookup at $3,800, we're coming in close to $10,000!  Also, $45 per month to the county as a utility fee as long as we live at this house.  Oh, the debt we could pay down with $10G!  So, we keep a positive outlook, forge ahead and are thankful for all we've paid off in 8 months, money we've saved for the sewer, and the things we've been able to do without adding any new debt since November '09.

p.s.- my 4 year old son just loves all the heavy equipment!


  1. Wow, that's expensive...I can't believe they can make you do that. There can't be that many people who can just afford it outright! Glad our house was already hooked up when we bought it.:)

  2. Kris, I feel your pain. Last year we had to hook up a house and a duplex in the valley. With the corner lot duplex we were double assesed for the pipes in the street and then for hookup had to do each side. It was all so expensive we had to sell both the house and duplex to cover the costs! :) Tami

  3. Kris, any hope of a write off at the end of the year? I would think so... but IDK... ps, love your blog! Kebbie.

  4. Kris, Cass says, "I wouldn't pay it. I'd make them take me to court and plead hardship".....that's our vote!