Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Couponers Nighmare

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Wow, it's been a long few weeks!  I've had a rough go trying to save money with coupons lately.  Here's what happened:

1) Every time I tried to print from the past three weeks, it would try to tell me I had to install it (No.  Since I've already installed it like 499 times!)

2) Then, on Thursday, right before leaving to hang with friends in Montana,  my husband figures out that we need a new hard drive.  He got that up and running a couple hours ago.  That is the first thing we've had to replace on our Mac in 7 years!

3) Haven't even installed yet (still not feeling confident that's going to work) and my husband does a test print on the printer: out of toner.  Of course!
So, I've been doing my best with just my Sunday inserts, but I'm going crazy with that feeling of missing out on deals and paying more than I should by not having a coupon for something I need....I guess it's just that spirit that all couponers have, huh?  You have to be a bit diligent, competitive (I love to see how low I can get that grocery bill each month) and willing to be assertive with your time and money!

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