Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bye Bye Honey Bucket

We had to say goodbye this week to part of our yard that we'd grown accustomed to:  the lovely turquoise Honey Bucket!  Yes, it's true that for the past two months in the corner of our yard, we've been the official pit stop for numerous folks working on the new sewer and even a news reporter.  It became known as 'our' Honey Bucket, and the kids grudgingly let me take some of their first day of school pictures with it.  Weren't they great sports?

A couple of days ago a big bulldozer stopped, scooped it up and relocated it to another street.  I only wish I'd taken the opportunity to stash a copy of the 'Bathroom Book' (someone really gave us that book, and fyi it's been sitting in our garage!) in there for their reading pleasure.


  1. Oh I bet you are going to really miss that beautiful yard decor! :-)

  2. Yeah, well, I have a friend who's had one since Spring! If I'm missing ours, I can just go over and visit:)