Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ha Ha Watermelon! Not So Much

I got some wonderful advice from well-wishers when we started out on our debt pay off race in November 2009.  The most common theme was grow a garden to save money, so we did-a huge garden!  It's been so fun for our family and the rewards of growing our own food are deeply satisfying.

However, I have a little story I wanted to share about growing watermelon in our fabulous state of Washington.  If you aren't familiar with the state, it's not all rainy and overcast like the Seattle area frequently is.  Actually, Seattle is lovely in the summer.  Ok, now to my part of the state-eastern Washington.  A completely different story.  We have sunshine often and snow in the winter, four complete seasons.  Not a lot of overcast days.

So, last spring, in an attempt to have a friendly chat with a dad from my son's preschool while waiting in the hall for class to get out, I asked if you could grow watermelon here.  I got this reply: "HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED HERE?"  Uh, since winter 1978.  Some laughing.  But for my part, I was thinking GAME ON preschool dad!  Not only will I grow watermelon, we're going celebrate it, take pictures of it, bowl with it, and finally, eat it like kings.

Here's what we have:
Yeah, not real impressive, I know.  This watermelon got detached from the vine, we think by a deer that foraged our zucchini.  This was supposed to grow to be a personal sized watermelon, so we're not too far off for size.  Here's what happened when we cut it open:
Not even close to red!  It does have the very first hint of turning pink, but that's kind of hard to tell in the pic.  The greatest thing about all this watermelon business is that we have another one still on the vine and it's bigger!  Overall a great lesson learned-basically get those plants that need it started early inside, and, yes, you can grow watermelon here-it might make it, it might not before first frost!


  1. That is so funny! I wouldn't expect WATERmelon to grow very well in an area with such low humidity and rainfall. It grows great here in NC--usually (mini-drought right now). That's a very cute little melon, and I love Emma's expression!

  2. I am with you sista! I too grew watermelon, I will have to post a picture of it when I think it is ready. I was a late bloomer though, I planted "my" seed in July. I have 3-1/2 on the vines right now. I can't wait to see your "big" one. :)This was our first garden this year too. WE TOO LOVED IT! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  3. Thanks, guys-we're holding out for that bigger one-I'd love to share it with you all!

  4. I promise to keep the deer repellent on the plant so we can have success with this watermelon!

  5. Can't wait for next year! Winter is going to be so fun sitting by a warm fire leafing through seed catalogs.....yeah, like that's going to happen! When I have the time for that, let me know. I'll probably have to come over at 10 pm, Mary, to go over next year's plan:)