Monday, September 27, 2010

No Bang For Your Buck With These

Here's a list of ten items that have the highest markups:

1) text messages
2) movie theatre popcorn
3 )bottled water
4) brand name drugs
5) hotel mini-bar
6) coffee
7) wine
8) greeting cards
9) hotel in-room movies
10) pre-cut veggies and fruits

Check out Walletpop to read the full post on this.  Some of these things are marked up over 3000%!

I had a grande iced chai (which, by the way, comes out of an Oregon Chai box that could be bought at a grocery store and is poured over way too much ice) at Starbucks on Saturday and it was $3.85!  I'm sure the markup on that one's more than the 300% suggested for coffee.  But what do you drink when you don't like coffee and are meeting friends at a coffeehouse?  For sure a treat, but for me, not a regular thing.


  1. Coffee: A couple of my friends go for the hot tea. Still a mark-up, but typically slightly less expensive. You could just bring you own tea bag and just get a hot water.....maybe that's taking it a little far! I learned to drink Americanos a few years ago, and a lot of times I just get a short - good savings on both these strategies.

    Text messages: get a plan that's reasonable and don't go over with texts about nothing. Duh.

    Popcorn: hide it in your bag, and realize that the 'butter' is heated up butter-flavored-hydroginized coconut oil (one of the worst you can ever eat) from a 5 gallon bucket. Oh, and don't buy the candy either - I asked for some m&ms this summer and the lady said, 'That'll be $4.50 please.' Um, no thanks. Don't need the calories anyway.

    I could go on here, but you're already off to a great start by getting the wheels turning. Love your new .com! cb

  2. Love the 3 pack of Oregon Chai tea from Costco For $6.99........I bet I can make about 20 "large" drinks out of the 3 boxes!!

  3. Had so much fun on Saturday! Thanks again Kris! We will do it again soon.

  4. Shoes have a 300% mark up in some stores. Makes is very difficult for people like me who have very skinny feet... I am forced to pay that huge markup. :-(

  5. We don't even have texting! But oh, there's times it would come in handy, but really we have enough going on, I feel like I don't need that too right now. I knew that about the popcorn-thats' the worst kind of oil to eat! Tami, I need to get back into buying chai at Costco. Thanks for reminding me. Love hanging out with you, Joelle. I was coming down with something, so I spent the rest of the night taking it easy. Your poor feet, Mary. It's like they know you're at their mercy, so markup!