Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Grocery Totals

Total Spent On Food: $292.91
Manufacturers Coupons Used: $122.11
Store Savings: $162.25

A much better month than August!  I got back into the routine along with the kids going back to school, and as you can see, the savings added up.  I have quite a bit of my freezer cooking meals still left in my freezer and I don't feel like I need to run out tomorrow and go shopping.  It's incredibly satisfying to make it through September without being in the hole.  For us it's a month of never ending expenses such as: school tuition (preschool 1st/last month due), school pictures (always optional, but nice to have), clothes for everyone, school supplies, ASB-etc, etc.  This is the first year that we budgeted ahead of time for all these needs and more.  There's a lot of freedom in having September behind us and paid for.

image credit:photoxpress

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