Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tips For Paring Down Toys

With another birthday coming up for one of our children this Friday, we've been taking stock of what we have in the way of toys.  I've been reading the book, A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family by Mary Ostyn.  When it comes to toys that give you bang for your buck,  keep it simple with five categories:
  1. Legos.  You can have both Duplo and regular and they don't have to take up a ton of space.
  2. Dollhouses.  I seriously didn't think of this one for our family, but it's such a draw for most kids.  She suggests Fisher-Price or Playmobile since these brands are easy to accessorize and are durable. 
  3. Play Dishes and Food.
  4. Dress-Up box.  I stocked up on items for this box when I was at Value Village for their 50% off Labor Day Sale.
  5. Outdoor Toys.  Wagons, basketball hoop, golf, etc.  We've used exercise balls for outdoor play, and the kids love them because they're so big.  We also let the older kids use our bike trailer with the younger ones since we have a low traffic neighborhood and it's provided hours of fun.
We're going to stick with these for now since we are at such premium for space.  I am so thankful for these suggestions mainly because they make so much sense!  

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  1. Just found my goodies on the porch!! Thanks so much Kris! I appreciate it. I will give some to Karissa too! :-) Sorry, I wasn't around to give you your stack.