Friday, October 8, 2010

Off To Greenbluff

Every fall we go to Greenbluff (we went to Harvest House), and while it's not usually easy on the pocketbook, we were ready for this year's visit!  We prepped the kids about what we were doing and what we weren't.  Since it was a day off for everyone, we took advantage of it and here's what we did:
 We told Jay to karate chop but he looks more like a robot to me:)

Seth and Kate at the, uh, rear end of the caterpillar.  It was a little creepy!

And then our camera battery died!  Still fun, although we didn't buy any pumpkins there, we did get a gallon of cider and a dozen pumpkin doughnuts for about $12 for both.  On our way home we stopped at Yoke's and took advantage of the $.15/lb pumpkins (today only) and let everyone pick one out.  That came to $9 for five pumpkins.  When you add in the $20 for four of the kids to go through the hay maze/play area it came to $41 for the outing.  Not too bad for a family of seven and great memories! 


  1. We were at Greenbluff on Friday too. So much fun. We went to Knapps because they have animals for the little one's for free. Then we went to Walters for some cider, so yummy! So funny, because we stopped at Yokes on the way home to snag some pumpkins too :) Hope you are doing well!

  2. Knapps's is where the kid's preschool always goes for their fieldtrip-they have a nice set up there. Too bad we didn't run into you guys! Hope you're feeling well:)