Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recent Shopping Trip

So, here's what I got last night:

My total came to $14.68, and I got a $5 off my next order coupon.  We were low on cereal and milk, so this was a good trip (I stopped at two stores and had a total of 6 transactions) to stock up on some real needs.  I also wasn't planning on getting the pop, but the deal was good: buy 4 Sierra Mist, get one Pepsi product free.  My total for all five came to $2.35 (or $.47 each)

I got:
  • two boxes of penne pasta
  • three boxes tissue
  • Febreeze Air freshener starter
  • creamer (2)
  • nabisco crunch sticks
  • olive oil
  • best life buttery spread (2)
  • 5 two liters of pop
  • dove shampoo (2)
  • dove body wash
  • milk (3)
  • cookie mix
  • cheerios (6)
  • cinnamon toast crunch (2)
  • yoplait yo-plus four pack (2)
So worth the time getting organized with my coupons!  Also, it was sure fun to catch up with a friend from high school who I ran into at the store and meet some new fellow couponers.  A huge thanks to Dana and Joelle for giving me a stash of coupons!

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  1. Amazing, that's just one of many adjectives to describe you.