Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why Does October Matter Financially?

I read a fascinating article on how what we do now, in October, influences our financial matters for the next few months.  Have you planned for Christmas?  We have put aside $400 for our five children and other little gifts at work, etc.  We give our children three gifts each and a really fun stocking.

I look at it this way: I will not be dragged down in our race to become debt free by lack of planning on my part.  If I'm able to add that element of competition I always seem to do better with my goals because I hate to lose!  We've been losers with our money too long, and winning with it for the past 11 months is a habit I'll keep.  How's your Christmas fund coming along?  Do you save throughout the year or take a chunk and set it aside when you have it?


  1. This is a good reminder! :) We have some general plans, but nothing specific yet. Plus we have 2 birthdays coming up before Thanksgiving as well.

  2. We also have a birthday coming up, just had two, and a couple of extended family members this month. I heard you have a new little one, too! Congrats!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm going to write a post about this very topic! We have been setting aside gift money every month. Great job getting ready for the holiday!! Keep going!

  4. Mom, love your blog! So glad I found it-we'll celebrate with you on your debt-free date:)

  5. I buy presents and stocking stuffers throughout the year. That way I don't have a large expense in one month.

  6. I've been buying gifts whenever there's a smokin' deal on something and we tend to set aside chunks when we know the money's coming.