Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reflecting On The Past Year

Reflection is not something I have much time for, but hey, we all have Jack Handy moments!  It's just a little crazy around here all the time, but I'll share what's happened the past 12 months, bullet style:
  • Gathering up $1000 for our mini-emergency fund in November 2009 was the hardest part of this process!  For us, it was the attitude of 'no time like the present'.  I went into action and sold things left and right.  I dug through the garage and cleaned house!  I sold jewelery, a nursing cover (for more than I paid:), dog crate, unfinished furniture still in the box, a wii game, baby shoes and many other things.  Nothing was off limits.  Would we start in November again?  Yes.  To refresh anyone who's reading this and didn't know, you can read about why we needed to have a $1000 in a month.  A difficult month to begin for us with Christmas and five children to buy gifts for, but I would advise anyone to start right where they are and go for it as long as you are fully committed, it won't matter-you'll make it with an on-fire attitude and that commitment. It's a distance race, not a sprint.
  •  We are giving more than ever before!  That's right, even while getting out of debt, we are able give mostly in ways of food and personal items.  We have held consistent in our tithe, too.  We are blessed to be able to do these things!
  •    Even though we are sacrificing, there's a general feeling of peace in our home.  We know where every single dollar is going, there will be enough money at the end of the month, we aren't going into deeper debt, we're helping others, and we have hope for the future.
  • We have a long way to go (our debt-free date is slated for 2015, with anticipation of it taking one year less).  We are locked in and right now there are times it sounds nice to run off to Disneyland with the kids for a fun vacation. It will happen, only it will be paid for in cash ahead of time and we won't have any debt when we go.
For a great resource, go to Dave Ramsey's web site and check out the plan we've chosen to follow.

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