Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yet Another House Party!

It's hard to believe, but I got picked to host my third House Party!  This time around it was Sabra hummus.  I seriously love hummus so much I could eat it every day.  We even have a saying around here: hummus is yummus!  Soooo, not too much of a stretch for me to host this one (the enthusiasm was certainly there).

Here's what I got in the party pack:

  • a coupon for a free bag of Stacy's pita chips
  • 4 coupons for four free hummus dips
  • 15 $1 coupons for future purchase
  • 15 recipe cards
  • stone trivet
  • world music CD
  • recipe card holder
We had a great time sampling the four different hummus flavors, plus everyone brought an appetizer to share.  It was a good time!

If you would like to host your own House Party, click here.


  1. Any suggestions on what you have said you would do to make your party special? I have applied for a couple of House Parties, but am not sure what they are expecting. :)

  2. I'm not sure what's working, but I'm super positive (as I'm sure you are) and it might be helpful that I have a blog and tell them that I'm sharing about it on the blog. So, you might want to tell them you'll share about it on facebook or something like that. I also haven't been picked for quite a few, too. So don't get discouraged. It could also be demographics-Spokane is actually a city that they test quite a few items out (I'm just guessing). Good luck!